Meet the Carvera
A Tool You Can Teach With

It is our job as educators to not only prepare students for their future careers, but to also excite them as they engage with the skills that can shape their future. In an integrated learning environment, it increasingly common to be teaching students how they may bring their designs and ideas to life using prototyping machinery, and the Carvera desktop CNC is the perfect tool for makerspaces of all sizes.

The Carvera brings the conversations of subtractive manufacturing into the classroom, a leading industry production technique used to create the products we buy and use everyday. The Carvera is designed to not only be the most versatile desktop CNC with built-in features that mimic industry production techniques, but to also be a machine that is easy to use, reliable, and safe.

Smart Features that make the CNC Classroom Safe

The Carvera can automatically calibrate and adjust designs based on the material being used, and has an automatic tool changer to seamlessly switch between bits to make precise machining effortless. And with built-in dust collection and air-assist nozzle, we can machine our designs cleanly and safely too.

Putting another axis in 3D Manufacturing

Through the optional 4th Axis module, the Carvera can be equipped to bring student designs to life without limitation. From any angle and using almost any material, students can create prototype solutions that not only look like the real products we use and buy, but are made using the same materials too.

Laser Engraving Module as Standard

By using the Laser Engraving module, students can etch and engrave using their 2D designs, or combine laser engraving with subtractive manufacturing to fabricate truly unique innovations. The Carvera also can be connected to an air compressor and covered with a protectant tint to make laser engraving safe for the classroom.

Versatile Software Included

Students can create designs using the CAD programs you're already using in your classroom, then quickly import and prepare them for manufacturing in almost any CAM. Makera's own CAM software is designed specifically for the Carvera which makes setting up the mill, tool changer, and laser engraver easy to implement and manage in the classroom.

Supporting Students Of All Learning Levels

Because of its smart features and intuitive CAM software, the Carvera is the best choice for users who may be new to CNC machines, or even for experienced users who want to make professional quality designs with greater ease.

Almost any design can be prepared for manufacturing with the Carvera. Whether you're working at the middle school, high school, or university level, the Carvera has been designed to cater to the unique needs of a wide range of students while also providing educators with the resources they need to foster success while creating meaningful learning experiences for all of their students.

Instructional resources to support the Classroom

As we continue to develop tools and machines that are safe and supportive for the classroom environment, we are also working to develop instructional resources for educators as well.

Makera Lesson Plans are free and offer pacing guidelines to engage students through a real-world design challenge. Through the steps of an engineering design process, students will be challenged to design their own prototype solutions to solve real-world problems using subtractive manufacturing!

Visit our Wiki for Lessons and Resources

Makera is dedicated to supporting our teachers as they not only get acclimated with the Carvera, but also as they work to incorporate the topics of computer aided design and manufacturing into their classroom. Take a moment to visit the official Makera YouTube Channel and Wiki Page to see some of our supporting resources and tutorials, and consider joining the Makera Educator Community group on Facebook to collaborate with educators from across the globe!

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