Carvera Desktop CNC Machine
Carvera Desktop CNC Machine
Carvera Desktop CNC Machine
Carvera Smart Desktop CNC Machine
Carvera Desktop CNC Machine
Carvera Smart Desktop CNC Machine From PCBs to aluminium, wood, plastic and more

    Carvera Desktop CNC Machine

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    • Product Type: CNC
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  • The first smart desktop CNC that's as easy as 3D printing with smart features such as Auto Tool Changer, Auto Probe, Vacuum system, laser engraver, and much more.  

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    Upgrade Your Workshop with Carvera

    Save Up to $800+

    Pack of Smart Features

    Auto Tool Changing and Auto Probing

    Without the automatic functions, you need to manually change every tool during every job and manually do the probing work, which is very tedious and time-consuming when milling PCB or other complex objects.
    Whether you are doing auto-leveling, cutting, cleaning, drilling, or carving, Cavera can automatically change the right tool for the right job seamlessly, making sure you get the best result. Just focus on your design, let Carvera do the rest.

    Built-in dust collection

    Normally, desktop CNC machines are not equipped with dust collection functions because of the size and limited space.
    Through a very innovative way, we completely built the dust collection system inside the machine, let your projects start clean and finish clean.

    Integrated laser module

    Laser engraving is a unique and amazing technology that lets you leave your mark and draw beautiful patterns on your product.
    With the integrated 2.5W diode laser module, you can seamlessly switch between CNC and Laser functions and engrave a wide variety of materials including paper, wood, plastic, leather, fabric, etc.

    Optional 4th axis module

    One more axis, much more possibilities, with the 4th axis module, you can machine cylindrical items, double sided objects, and 3D shapes.
    Carvera provides you with truly 4th axis simultaneous machining, you can make real 3D stereo models which can only be made by 3D printers. Here, you are not limited by materials, plastic, wood, even metal, you can make beautiful yet realistic crafts.

    Endless Possibilities

    Make professional PCBs for your electronics
    Carvera is a real game-changer for making PCBs at home, and cutting out the wait time for PCBs to be made at a fab house. You just drop the PCB path file into the machine, and with the auto tool changing and auto-leveling, you've never been able to get PCBs this fast.
    The dedicated solder mask removing tool and laser module for silk screen engraving is very handy for later solder work.
    With Carvera, you can design, make, test and iterate at revolutionary speed, shortening your time to market and lowering the cost considerably.
    Make strong parts for your robots
    For those building cutting-edge drones from carbon fiber or metal parts for their robots, there is no substitute for CNC milling.
    These high-end parts can't be 3D printed and often have to be made to order, which can be an expensive way to prototype or build custom products. With Carvera you can take the full process in-house for better speed, quality and cost.
    Make art
    Carvera supports a wide range of beautiful natural materials, making it the perfect choice for artists and designers who make art and custom products. Imagine selling beautiful personalized items on Etsy, a local market or as wedding favors for your friends.
    The options are endless, from jewelry to fine woods to castable molds. And because Carvera is relatively small, you can even take it to events and markets to make custom products on location. 
    Make useful stuff to upgrade your life
    With Carvera, there is nothing you can't make. So ditch store-bought standard stuff, and make real useful things that are as unique as your imagination. 
    No matter what kind of maker you are, Carvera will open endless possibilities to you.

    High Quality and Precision

    Sturdy and fully enclosed frame

    The main structure is composed of metal alloy and the shell is made of stainless steel and engineering ABS+Polycarbonate, which gives you a beautiful appearance while remaining sturdy and durable.
    The fully enclosed frame keeps the smallest chips away from your shop, reduces the noise, and keeps you safe.

    Linear rails and ball screws

    All axes of Carvera use high-quality linear rails and ball screws for vibration-free stability and precise motion.
    Carvera provides more precise, smooth, and durable operation while still being quiet.

    Closed loop servos

    For the first time in the world, Carvera brings a closed-loop system into a compact desktop form factor, for complete control and precision.
    Furthermore, in case the machine encounters a crash, the motor will stop immediately and prevents damaging the tool and the machine.

    Fully assembled, fine tuned and tested

    Every Carvera is fully assembled, fine tuned and tested before it leaves our factory. We will fully test the software and hardware, and even leave every Carvera running for several days before completing quality control and shipping it out to you.

    What's in the Box


    Basic Info
    Work area (3 axis) : 36cm(X) * 24cm(Y) * 14cm(Z) / 14.2in * 9.4in * 5.5in Gantry clearance: 12cm / 4.7in
    Work area (4 axis) : 9.2cm(Diameter) * 24cm(Length) / 3.6in * 9.4in Max height (Lid open): 84cm / 33in
    Footprint: 58cm(Width) * 52cm(Depth) * 54cm(Height) /
    22.8in * 20.5in * 21.3in
    Weight: 50kg / 110lbs (approx)
    Power: 200 watt  Collet: Custom collet with ⅛in integrated (optional: ¼in, 6mm, 4mm)
    Speed: 0 - 15000 RPM with closed-loop control Tool library size : 6
    Cooling: Air-cooled controlled by temperature monitor
    Drive system: Ball screws with linear rails Max traverse: 600cm / 236in per minute
    Motors: Servo motors for X/Y/Z axis, Nema17 stepper motor for A axis
    Spindle runout: < 0.01mm / 0.0003in Motor resolution: 0.005 mm/ 0.0002in
    Dust Control
    Dust control: Integrated dust collection system  Dust tank volume: 0.8 liter
    Laser Engraver
    Laser power: 2.5 Watt  Laser Type: 445nm semiconductor diode laser
    Cooling: Air-cooled
    100-120VAC / 200-240VAC @ 50/60Hz
    Wood: Hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, plywoods, etc.  Plastic: Foam, PVC, ABS, Acrylic, PC, HDPE, etc.
    Composite materials: Carbon fiber, FR4, etc. Non-Ferrous metals: Aluminum, brass, copper, etc.
    Laser engrave materials: Wood, plastic, fabric, leather, cardboard, etc.
    Controller: Dedicated software supports CARVERA functions Controller connectivity: USB / WIFI
    Controller OS: iOS, Andriod, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc. Dedicated CAM software: *Under development
    Compatible CAD/CAM software: Fusion360, SolidWorks, AutoCad, VCarve Pro, Aspire, Illustrator, etc.