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Automatic Tool Changer

No more tedious tool changing loops. Just click to start and let the machine do the rest.

Automatic Probing and Leveling

No more PCB milling leveling problems, no need for fly-cut to make surface level, works on any uneven surface, conductive or non-conductive.

Built-in Dust Collection

With automatic dust collection, projects start clean and finish clean. Unlike other CNC mills where chips and dust clutter your work surface and get stuck in every little nook and cranny of your work area.

Optional Fourth Axis

True 4 axis simultaneous machining, for making complex 3D shapes.

Integrated Laser Engrave Module

This built in 2.5 Watt laser module is surprisingly handy for marking and labeling parts.

APP Remote Control

With our proprietary app you can monitor the progress of your CNC machining on any computer, android or Apple device .





Use CNC As Easy As Use 3D Printer

CNC milling is powerful, but the learning curve is steep and the using process is complex. That's why we designed CARVERA, a fully automatic desktop CNC machine that has never been easier to learn and use.

So Many Material Options

With it's all-metal frame, and it's 200 Walt high power spindle, CARVERA can easily handle lots of woods, plastics, carbon fiber, soft metals like brass and aluminum. So many possibilities.


Micron Precision

Thanks to it's high precision ball screw linear actuators, closed-loop servo motors, and high precision spindle. CARVERA will make high-resolution PCBs, and mechanical parts, with more accuracy than most desktop CNC mills.

Challenge Your Creativity

With CNC milling you can make beautiful parts out of metal, carbon fiber and wood. We are looking forward to see what new exciting things people will make.


Your Personal Desktop Machine Center

Most CNC Mills have exposed working areas where debris from cutting and noise easily spread into the rest of the room. With the CARVERA all of the cutting is inside of the enclosure. Making it appropriate not just for the workshop, but also an office or classroom. This enclosure also adds an extra level of safety to children or animals.


Make professional PCBs in minutes

Milling PCBs is not new, but because of the low success rate, and the complexity of the tool change process, there is not much advantage compared to chemical etching. However with CARVERA's fully automatic capabilities, such as automatic tool changing, and automatic bed leveling technology. You can now make PCBs quickly and easily.

Make a robust robot with ease

See how we use CARVERA to machine aluminum, carbon fiber, and acrylic components, combined with self-made PCB, build a robust self-balancing robot easily. The design and CAM software is fusion 360 which CARVERA can perfectly adapt. 

Milling a streamlined racing car using 4th-axis

F1 in Schools is the largest school-based STEM program in the world. The regulations require to use CNC milling to make the car. But current machines are either too expensive or less capable to handle this. See how Carvera is a perfect option for making the cars. In this case, we use the 4th-axis indexing path for ease of path generation. We fully support 4-Axis simultaneous machining and will show more cases in the future.



"I already have several CNC routers, but I rarely use them because they are loud, messy, and cumbersome to operate. With the Carvera, I can conveniently mill in my studio, with the added benefit of smart features that improve useability and productivity. I expect to be utilizing CNC milling for projects a lot more in the future."

 Michael Laws, Teaching Tech


Basic Info


Work area (3 axis) : 36cm(X)*24cm(Y)*14cm(Z) / 14.2in*9.4in*5.5in 
Work area (4 axis) : 10cm(Diameter)*20cm(Length) / 3.9in*7.9in
Gantry clearance: 12cm / 4.7in
Footprint: 58cm(Width)*52cm(Depth)*54cm(Height) / 22.8in*20.5in*21.3in
Max height (Lid open): 84cm / 33in 
Weight: 50kg / 110lbs (approx)




Make professional PCBs for your electronics

Significantly shortened your design cycle for circuit boards and machined parts. Being able to prototype faster, means you can go to market faster. Typically the fastest circuit board suppliers can only at best overnight your prototypes. But now you can make them within the same day.

For those building cutting-edge drones from carbon fiber or metal parts for their robots, there is no substitute for CNC milling. Now you too can have the same technology in your home.

Make strong parts for your robots


Make art!

With most 3-D printers, you are limited to plastic. A material not typically associated with value, strength or beauty. With CNC milling you can make things of real natural materials indistinguishable from purchased items of great value. Now you can make things a real beauty that you can use and give as gifts without the disclaimer that you print it yourself.

With CNC milling there are a lot more useful things you can make. Spice up your life with things made exactly the way you want them to be.

Make real useful stuff to spice up your life



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