Carvera :
A big step in desktop manufacturing

Auto tool changer, auto leveling, built-in vacuum system, laser engraving and more.

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Compatible with mainstream CAM software such as Fusion360, VCarve, Lightburn, etc.

Endless Possibilities

Why The Carvera


Auto tool changing and auto probing are the keys to freeing your hands and achieving a real smart machine. Whether you are doing auto-leveling, cutting, cleaning, drilling, or carving, Cavera can automatically change the right tool for the right job seamlessly, making sure you get the best result.


For those building cutting-edge drones from carbon fiber or metal parts for their robots, there is no substitute for CNC milling.
These high-end parts can't be 3D printed and often have to be made to order, which can be an expensive way to prototype or build custom products. With Carvera you can take the full process in-house for better speed, quality and cost.


For the first time in the world, Carvera brings a closed-loop system into a compact desktop form factor, for complete control and precision.
Every Carvera is fully assembled, fine tuned and tested before it leaves our factory.


Laser engraving is a unique and amazing technology that lets you leave your mark and draw beautiful patterns on your product. With the integrated laser module, you can engrave a wide variety of materials including paper, wood, plastic, leather, fabric, etc.
One more axis, much more possibilities, with the 4th axis module, you can machine cylindrical items, double sided objects, and 3D shapes on any materials, plastic, wood, even metal.


Normally, desktop CNC machines are not equipped with dust collection functions because of their size and limited space. But we know how it feels when chips and dust clutter your work area. Even worse, some materials like carbon fiber/glass fiber can be very dangerous if you breathe in the machined dust.
In an innovative way, we built the dust collection system inside the machine. Your milling projects start clean and finish clean.


All axes of Carvera use high-quality linear rails and ball screws for vibration-free stability and precise motion. Carvera provides more precise, smooth, and durable operation while still being quiet.
The fully enclosed frame reduces the noise even further. For most milling jobs, the noise level will not exceed 65dB, just as loud as normal conversation. Suitable for using in home or office.


3D printing used to be a difficult industrial process, but now anyone can use a desktop 3D printer, but for CNC that kind of machine doesn't exist.
With smart features such as auto tool changing, auto leveling, and intuitive control software, we believe we are close. Just focusing on your design, let Carvera do the rest.


Smart features such as auto tool changing and auto probing used to be exclusively reserved for high-end, industrial machines.
It's even harder to make them compact, stable, and cost-effective that can fit into a desktop CNC machine.
With the Carvera, we bring you the whole new CNC experience under a hobby level price.

Professional Reviews

“The automatic tool changer, wireless touch probe and 4th axis seamlessly bring an incredible amount of automation to the Carvera CNC. Parts that used to need manual tool changes and multiple setups can now be fully automated, removing lots of manual steps and making the whole machining process more enjoyable.”

Aurora Tech

“Carvera is indeed the most advanced CNC machine I have ever used. With the Carvera CNC, I can now design parts solely based on their functionality without worrying about tool changes during the job. This eliminates the need for manual tool height adjustment and significantly reduces the risk of human errors. As a result, the success rate of CNC jobs is greatly increased.”

Teaching Tech

"This is expensive compared to a 3D printer, but I’m sure that anyone who buys one will be satisfied. Users are easily able to replicate the results achieved in marketing materials, plus push ahead in making their own creations."