Replacement Policy 

Normally, our replacement policy starts when you receive the goods and ends three months after receipt. The replacement policy only applies to machines purchased from official channels by makera.

▸Replaceable Situation

If you find any manufacturing defect, malfunction, or parts missing after receiving your machine, and makera or an authorized technician confirms that the issue is covered by the warranty and cannot be fixed, you will be able to request a replacement service.

Replacement terms

  • Within 15 days of receipt of the purchased product:
    you can request a replacement product. makerawill cover the cost of shipping to and from your location.
  • More than 15 days of receipt of the purchased product:
    You can choose a warranty service or a paid replacement product.

    ⦿ Between 15 days and 30 days of receipt: you will need to pay us 15% service fee and be responsible for return shipping costs.
    ⦿ Between 30 days and 3 months of receipt: you will need to pay us 20% service fee and be responsible for return shipping costs. 

Note: The percentage of service fees mentioned above is based on the total price of goods. If you require a replacement machine that costs more than you paid for, you'll have to pay the difference.

Replacement method

To replace your product, please email us ( to state your situation first. Please do not return your machines directly, and we will not be responsible for the lost items in this case.

Replacement arrival time

It usually takes 12 business days to process the replacement, and the transportation time depends on the distance and logistics.If you need to pay for some fees, we will ship your replacement machine after the payments arrive on our account.

▸Non-replaceable situation

You cannot request a replacement service if

  • The product has been received for more than 3 months.
  • The product was purchased from non-makera
  • The product returned to makeradoes not include all original accessories, attachments or packaging, or items that were damaged due to improper use.
  • The product is found to be free of defects after all appropriate tests.
  • Failure or damage is caused by improper use, maintenance, or storage, such as:

      ⦿ improper handling;
        ⦿ use of the product not for the is not for reasonably intended purpose;
        ⦿ improper plugging or unplugging of external devices;
        ⦿ dropsor improper external crash;
        ⦿ exposure to improper temperatures, solvents, acids, alkalis, water intrusion, etc;
        ⦿ infestation of insects and rodents or intrusion of foreign objects resulting in the breakage, dust, damage of the product or parts (such as housing, components, wiring, etc.), etc.
  • Failure or damage is caused by any installation, repair, alteration, addition or disassembly by agencies or personnel who are not authorized by makera.
  • Modification, alteration or removal of the original identification information of the product or components.
  • Damage is caused by uncontrollable external events (fire, flood, strong wind or thunderstorm).
  • The product received fails to be sent back to makerawithin seven (7) calendar days after makera confirms the replacement request.