Spare Wireless Probe
Spare Wireless Probe
Spare Wireless Probe

    Spare Wireless Probe

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      Spare Wireless Probe
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      The wireless probe is one of the critical components of Carvera which is used for auto-probing and auto-leveling.
      There is already one included in the machine for you to use out of the box. But you can prepare a backup one as you wish.


      When you first use the wireless probe, you need to charge it and pair it to the Carvera machine. The included one has been paired to the machine already. You can learn more about how to charge and pair the wireless probe in the instruction manual.


      Unlike the crash of other milling bits, the crash of a wireless probe may cause serious damage to the probe. Please use the wireless probe with caution. Always observe its traveling path, and stop the machine when finding any obstacles to protect the wireless probe.

      What’s In the Box:

      - 1 * Wireless Probe with 1/8" tail shaft installed
      - 1 * 4mm tail shaft
      - 1 * 6mm tail shaft
      - 1 * 1/4" tail shaft